Which is The Best Managed VPS Hosting Provider in India

Which is The Best Managed VPS Hosting Provider in India?

Web Hosting Overview

Web hosting industry is now turning towards a new way, the way which leads towards managed VPS web hosting. Most of the high traffic web sites are using dedicated web servers, but these servers are very difficult to manage. Only a technical person can handle these web servers. Due to this problem, customers want some more features that a web hosting company provides such as monitoring of server and website, load balancing, the security of the server, and some other technical support. These extra features of dedicated web hosting are known as managed VPS web hosting or simply managed VPS hosting.

Resolve your Preferences Concretely

Before selecting a managed VPS web hosting, resolve whether you require a dedicated server or not. Dedicated web hosting is only useful when you have high traffic on your site. If your site does not contain a huge amount of data and the visitors are in hundreds, then shared web hosting is best for you. After all, dedicated servers are expensive as compared to shared web hosting and highly qualified staff is required to manage this server. If shared web hosting does not fulfill your requirements, then a dedicated web server is good for you.

Hire A Specialist

The major back draw of the dedicated server is that only a specialist can handle this server. If you are not skilled, then you must hire a person who can operate this server. If you do not do all this, and your requirements can only full by using dedicated server. Then web hosting companies also offer services of administration of dedicated server. The administration through web hosting companies of dedicated server is called managed VPS web hosting.

Tips to Choose A Web Hosting Company

Some web hosting companies offer only shared web hosting and a dedicated web hosting, but with the high demand of managed VPS web hosting, these companies also think about the managed VPS web hosting. To find a best managed VPS web host, you can search for these hosting companies through search engines and directories. Before selecting any web host, read reviews about that company. You can also contact with those hosting companies who provide dedicated hosting, ask them can they provide managed VPS web hosting. There are two different plans offers web hosting companies one is per item or per configuration. In per item plan, you can select your own required services and configure them on your server, while in other pre-configuration package, the hosting company will charge a monthly fee for the administrating server.

Why Choose Justnode?

Justnode is the best managed VPS hosting provider in India. It is an up-and-coming web hosting company which is at the cutting edge of offering dedicated web hosting in every way. The company believes in offering hosting plans at an affordable price with complete satisfaction.

Justnode (website URL www.justnode.com) is among the most dependable and well-thought-of name in the Indian web Hosting industry and offers the high-end VPS hosting services at reasonable rates with security, flexibility, dependability, assurance of 99.99% uptime, extremely scalable hosting packages. They also offer 24×7 professional technical customer supports to their clients. So what is the wait for? If you are looking for the best hosting with the most affordable and cost-effective hosting plan, you need not look further than Justnode.

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