What is Web Hosting? Why Do I Need Web Hosting?

What is Web Hosting? Why Do I Need Web Hosting?

Web Site Hosting

Each Web site which is located on WWW (World Wide Web) have a home page which is first users see document when a user enter in the web site. A web site has also other pages of contents for users. But it is necessary for those web sites that are must be hosted at any web server which is maintained by ISP. According to hosting requirements, a large number of web servers are available which provide personal Web site hosting, email Web site hosting, and free Web site hosting. On the other hand, clients are required Web site design and hosting and hosting must be an affordable Web site hosting. A large number of companies providing hosting such as Linux hosting, UNIX hosting, PHP hosting, etc. are offering e-commerce Web site hosting , Cheap Web site hosting and low-cost Web site hosting services with the help of web site hosting plans according to the various requirements of clients.

Web Site Hosting Services

Website hosting provides remarkable web hosting services as a service for Internet users including online systems for storing information, images, video, or at all content accessible using the web. Web host are basically companies that provide space on a web server they own for use of their clients in addition to providing especially Internet connectivity, usually in a data center. Web site hosting is another feature, which provides data center space and connectivity with the Internet for servers they do not like to be located in their data center. Website hosting is actually the small business of hosting, serving, maintaining files.

Hosting Plans

Most hosting plans include the feature of having some email accounts with customer’s domain. A standard way of transferring files across the Internet is file Transfer Protocol (FTP). Most webmasters upload and download their websites contents using FTP. Most web hosting companies provide their customers with a control panel – a web based application that helps in managing websites. Uptime is an important feature of web hosts that is usually measured in percentage.

With the wide variety of options available for customers, the price also varies greatly. It’s not recommended for business website owners to select very cheap plans (less than $5), as these plans usually presuppose a compromise in the quality of support and dependability of the server.


Web site hosting is a cardinal part of a website. When a web site is designed then second compulsory part is its hosting like Business web hosting put your site on World Wide Web. For this, there are a number of places on the internet which allow you to put up your pages and a lot of them will do it for free. And when you sign up to put your site on someone’s web server they become your Web site hosting provider. One of the most reputable hosting service provider is JustNode. The company offers a variety of web hosting plans to choose from based on your needs and preference at a very affordable cost. Visit the website www.justnode.com to glimpse the plans they offer.

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