What Is Shared Hosting? Ultimate Guide for Beginners

What Is Shared Hosting? Ultimate Guide for Beginners

Shared Server Hosting is the most common and affordable form of website hosting. Multiple users will share the resources of a secured server or group of secured servers in order to put their websites online for others to view. JustNode offers several pocket friendly shared hosting services so you can find the perfect shared hosting package for your website needs. It is an economical way for small businesses to create an online presence. Linux Shared Hosting and Windows Shared Hosting are several types of Shared Hosting solutions and is provided as an option by almost every Web Hosting provider. Your choice between Windows and Linux entirely depends on the kind of coding language and development platform you will use for your website.

How does Shared Hosting work?

In a shared web hosting, a server is partitioned to host multiple accounts for different customers. Every customer manages their separate websites, emails, and databases. However, the server resources and costs are shared by all. It’s by far the cheapest hosting option you’re going to have available. Most hosting companies have multiple levels of hosting available, so you can upgrade your hosting package with time. This makes shared hosting a great place to start. Shared hosting usually comes equipped with a built-in cPanel, which makes it easy to manage your site. No technical maintenance needs to be done on your end to the server, as this is usually included in part of your hosting package. Put simply, shared hosting can be a great option for website owners with a small budget, or those just getting started online. You can always upgrade to another hosting package with time, as your budget allows, so you’re not stuck with this level of hosting forever. Shared hosting sounds pretty good: it’s affordable, has a solid uptime, and is easy to manage. But, it does come with certain drawbacks. The load time can be a lot slower than dedicated servers. The server can become overburdened by other sites that are sharing the server. As your site begins to receive higher levels of traffic you’ll begin to notice that your site might begin to perform much worse.

Although rare, it is possible for other sites on the server to pose a risk to your own site. There’s a lack of customization options to truly get the highest level of performance from your website. For most people just getting started online the advantages of shared hosting will greatly outweigh the disadvantages, especially if you’re trying to get a site up and running as quickly as possible and have little tech skills. It’s also important to note that a responsible web host will let you know when your traffic hits a level that it’s time to upgrade, and will monitor and shut down any sites that pose a risk to the others on the server.

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