What are the advantages and disadvantages of a shared hosting plan?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a shared hosting plan?

Website hosting can be divided into multiple categories depending on the standards used. Based on your preferences and needs, you have the free will to choose a free and paid hosting plan. However, unlike the free hosting plan, the paid plan can readily be further subcategorized into dedicated and shared hosting. Hosting can also be categorized depending on the operating systems used i.e. Windows, Linux, etc. and they can be categorized as per the features of the package.

With shared hosting, you share a server with others. That also means that every website hosted on a shared server will be having the same operating system, server space as well as other server resources, for example, CPU processing potential. What is more, you can divide this hosting into two additional groups:

Free hosting – Choosing free hosting you receive hosting and bandwidth free of cost. This plan is generally the ticket for small and medium-sized websites that will not utilize server’s resources much. You cannot expect good customer support services from this plan.

Paid hosting – Certainly, with paid shared hosting, you need to pay a certain amount of money to get this package. The hosting packages are priced as per the server resources you require. This way, you can either get low-cost or premium shared hosting. Shared paid hosting is the ticket for SMEs as the package offers a range of extra innovative features and convenience. You will get a preferred paid shared hosting server that is configured for you on the basis of a low monthly fee.


Low cost – Simply be paying $3-$5 on a monthly basis, you can get this plan.

Hassle-free management – The tools that come included with the package enable you to manage your website without requiring you to be a tech-savvy person.

Additional features – You have the convenience or flexibility to sign up multiple domains, email addresses, etc.

Servers will be well administered

The servers in shared hosting will be well administered and supported on a regular basis.


 Compromised Security– While a host of websites is hosted on a single server, it compromises security. Also, sometimes, some shrewd webmasters hack into your website.

Limited resources – While every user is using the same hosting server, which directs to the fact that instead of sharing hard disk space, you will also be sharing bandwidth, and CPU processing potential. This has intermittently led to server crashing and webmasters to lose their data.

Limited expansion – Another limitation or the disadvantage of a shared hosting plan is that you can only use the software provided by a hosting company. In simple words, you will be backed out of using any software provided by some other company and this can place limits on the performance of your website.

And if you are looking to hire a web hosting company, it is essential to give heed to the customer support services and backup policies. You may also need to give heed to the technical department of the company. For example, in case the hosting server crashes or goes kaput, get it ensured whether your data will be backed regularly and they can restore your website in a jiffy.

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