Web Hosting for E-commerce Sites: A Helpful Guide

Web Hosting for E-commerce Sites: A Helpful Guide


E-commerce website can be defined as the business that helps merchants with the solutions for selling their product & services online. With the help of E-commerce hosting services the merchants can sell their product & services world wide web. E-commerce hosting usually includes providing templates for building virtual storefronts or online catalogs providing software for customised electronic shopping carts, taking and filling customer’s orders, arranging for secure credit and debit card purchasing. E-commerce hosting businesses usually manage all the technical facets of the commercial website development and maintenance for their clients. E-commerce hosting can also include Electronic Data Interchange.

JustNode Explains: E-commerce Hosting

E-commerce hosting is a solution that helps merchants to sell their merchandise online. E-commerce server hosting plans provide a wide range of solutions with its application that assist businesses on how to sell products on the World Wide Web. The services most importantly include:

  • Web page design
  • Online catalogues
  • Electronic storefronts
  • Provision of financial transactions (Business-to-business)
  • Shopping carts
  • Processing of the customer order
  • And other inventory management tools.

E-commerce hosting also supports EDI which include emails, faxes and document management. All these EDI services are important for securing business data and other necessary information. An E-commerce web hosting company in India works similar to local web hosting but demands for specific features and related software. Besides, the host provides different kinds of solution and functions so that businesses selling products can get online access.

E-commerce hosting firms customarily manage all the technical aspects of creating and maintain a commercial website for it’s clients. For small business it is more cost effective and cost efficient than setting up and managing their own e-commerce site themselves.

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