Shared Server Hosting Services A Support System For New Businesses

Shared Server Hosting Services- A Support System For New Businesses


A shared hosting plan provides the user with a space on the host’s shared server by charging a monthly fee. The users are responsible for setting up and running their sites and a single account can include a number of sites, as long as it doesn’t exceed the space allotted on the server.

A shared hosting service provider provides customer support, maintains server hardware and software, which also includes security, updates and safeguarding the website against crashes. JustNode is one of the shared hosting company in India which offers plans at affordable prices. This kind of inexpensive hosting can help new start-ups and entrepreneurs to get a web presence quickly – even if the funding is less. 

How Does Shared Hosting Work?

Shared server hosting plans are offered by almost every hosting provider. Thousands of websites are hosted on a single server managed by the hosting service.

Shared hosting setups are easy to use, even if a website owner has no experience in website designing or development. Each and every site on an account has its own control panel, which provides tools for managing the content and basic look.

Although shared hosting allows new users to create a website on an affordable budget with basic features which are essential for running the site, this kind of services does have drawbacks. 

Who Should Use Shared Hosting?

Shared hosting services work best for the sites that have comparatively low website traffic and do not require a large amount of memory. In the case of larger businesses with a lot of website traffic, usage of shared hosting may not be of great use.

With minimal costs and fewer features, a shared server hosting service can help new businesses build an online presence quickly, with a scope of growth.

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