Shared Hosting : Discover It with “JustNode”

Let’s discuss what is Shared Hosting and how it works !

Shared hosting service can be explained as the the single platform for your website for sharing physical server with one or more than websites. Every website on the internet is hosted on the server and this is how it becomes accessible to communal. When a website’s URL is entered into a search engine , the search engines uses that abode to regulate where the site is hoarded.  Immediatedly the search engine demands clues about the website from the server. The servers then, equips all the mandatory data turns up in the search engine. This helps the end user to collaborate with the site by sailing to alternative pages, filling forms and so on.

Shared hosting allows one server to hoard all the files for disparate sites all at once and is culpable for serving all the knowledge about them.

Pros Of Shared Hosting at Just Node :

  • Cost-effective : The cost are low but our services are the best class.
  • Malleable : You can choose the best plan that fits your needs.
  • Secure : Only the space and resources are shared on server not your information. Any of the website using your shared server will not be able to access your details of website.
  • Straightforward setup : Setting up your website on a shared is abrupt and cinch.
  • Effortless maintenance :The shared server is maintained by your web host provider so you can stay focused on growing your platform rather than working out bugs, or installing software updates. Leave that to the professional technical assistants.

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