Server Cluster

To eliminate the factor of the inconvenience of single servers and the constraints it features, server clusters are the innovative tools that sport a range of benefits over single web servers. Although single hardware produces qualitative results yet when it comes to updating this competence level, we at JustNode take pride in offering exceptional server clustering services to increase productivity.

Server clustering is a procedure of classifying independent servers for delivering improved flexibility, quantifiability and ease of use. This procedure is fundamentally designed for applications that deal with data that is commonly upgraded. Server clustering is really very helpful, as it prompts a host of servers to handle your data while the applications are dispersed widely across the server instances that further overcome the concern about bandwidth, traffic or storage. To be more precise, the bottom-line is to minimize the line of duty from a distinct machine with the view to cutting down inefficiency.

When it comes to putting the approach into force, the same can prove quite costly, but we at JustNode have made it easy on the pocket for every customer.

Salient features of our Server Clustering:

  • Seamless network performance: Workload is dispersed widely among a range of host servers that enhance speed and dependability, thus stepping up the entire conduct.
  • Enhanced availability: As a result of improved network competence, software, applications and databases run seamlessly without causing any disturbance in service. Therefore, in case of node breakdown, the load is redistributed to the other server instances on the exact machine, thus promoting business stability.
  • Scalability: The efficiency of managing handling an additional load facilitates incorporating an additional number of server instances to deal with the mushrooming business demands.
  • Speedy and trouble-free configuration: Servers configure effortlessly and promptly without consuming plenty of time for each instance.