Data Security

Does Your Organization have Security Vulnerabilities?

An organization in lack of failsafe security measures or systems is susceptible to data breaches or loss that can cast an adverse effect on its standing in the market, revenue its. Damage, disclosure, or loss of your confidential clients and company-related data can prove catastrophic. Suffice to say, enterprises essentially need to protect their secure their devices and systems and keep up to date with regulations.

Safeguarding your critical data is a safe way to augment your brand’s reputation as well as its ROI. An inclusive security procedure or measure supported by a team of skilled professionals keeps your security measure updated and helps it to address new threats successfully.

Get the Right Security Measure with Us:

JustNode helps you deal with your security concerns fundamentally. We strive best to safeguard your sensitive or confidential data, thus preventing the data loss by battening down with endpoint devices and installing safeguarding measures, furnish you with data security professionals who can guide and lay emphasis on your efforts, and offer reporting and auditing that are required to achieve your market’s data governance needs and goals.

We can help you:

  • Discover where data is stored across your terminuses and servers; discover authentic data owners and giving alerts about any suspicious activity
  • Supervise how data is being utilized when users are not regular in the corporate network
  • Safeguard data by giving notification to users about policy infringements, securing exposed files and folders, and stopping outbound communications
  • Sort out data as it is created, thus alleviating additional power over even unstructured data.
  • Manage Access & Security. Access is an essential part of data security. We possess know-how in designing and putting access policy in force. Too many data security tactics fail to take in Identity Management in their range.