Data Migration

We help you transfer archive data to various platforms easily any time!

At JustNode, our data migration services and solutions are absolutely versatile and one of a kind in fact. The service provides you with the ability to transfer archived emails to your most favorite platforms either on-premise or on the cloud. Being a leading data migration service providing company, we render you with several great options that can be instrumental for you in managing your data whether you are searching for strategies to transfer your existing archives into Enterprise Vault or move Enterprise Vault across your hardware. JustNode is the second-to-none data migration service provider, which can provide you with the flexibility, and authority that is helpful for you in maintaining a comprehensive chain of supervision at a cost that is easy on the pocket.

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Transferring Data to Enterprise Vault

In general, companies discover via trial and error that when emails are archived with a particular software program, it is hard for them to reach the emails via different email archiving platforms. The emails are, as a matter of fact, “confined” to the existing archive and only a handful of options are available for transferring it. You can consider choosing JustNode as your exclusive data migration company because of our special competence to deliver you world-class solutions for transferring existing email archives to the Enterprise Vault. Our Data migration services set emails free from their legacy archives in order to enable them to move flawlessly and readily to the Enterprise Vault. The software-driven course of action makes relocation of data both resourceful and reasonably priced.

Reclaim Email Data from Costly Hosting Providers

Companies hosting their emails using third parties typically experience that they have partial functionality even while they pay exorbitant fees. With JustNode, being your dedicated data migration service provider, we enable you to give full authority on controlling hosted emails and give them back inside of your company’s firewall. Our migration services offer a more reasonably priced option that also furnishes you with the option of back control of your data.