Cloud Backup

For a business to thrive properly, the need for a dependable work environment is a must, as it helps protect your business from all potential security breaches, data loss or incidence of any other mishap. In a secure environment, you can easily work without experiencing any type of stress. To ensure all this goodness for you, it is essential for you to deploy failsafe security steps. One of the most reliable and tested security methods is Cloud Backup & storage Solutions that is a surefire way to recover all your missing or deleted files and documents.

In a business environment, the odds of any disastrous accidents such as hardware or server failure, virus attack, remote hacking, a conflagration or deluge can take place anytime. This will not only result in loss of data, but it will also lay waste to financial sources to your utmost disappointment. At such critical events, Disaster Recovery turns up a cost-effective and dependable strategy to protect your data from any potential risks and if such measures are deployed, you can ensure to secure your business confidently.

At JustNode, our Cloud backup solutions are guaranteed not to fail and therefore will protect your data within our environment. In this way, you can easily reproduce your data in case the worst happens and thus can bring your business back online.

Our Strategy to Cloud Backup Storage:

  • We take a backup of your data on a frequent basis. While you continue to incorporate mission-critical apps and data to your server, we ensure to reproduce and coordinate your files to a hard disk storage space from where you can ensure its recovery in case of any disaster takes place.
  • Our subsequent level will read hard disk volumes and bring the system to line even while it is set, without upsetting ongoing processes.
  • Our data recovery tools will restore everything from the starting point on a dedicated server. With several sites of restoration, your data is protected significantly and stored seamlessly right from scratch.