How Does Shared Hosting Work?

How Does Shared Hosting Work?

What is Shared Hosting?

By definition, shared hosting is a web hosting model where multiple sites use a common pool of server resources. The storage capacity, RAM and CPU of the physical machine, which serves as a hosting basis, are shared among all users. Every website on a shared server can be called up via an individual domain and is stored on its own partition of the hard disk memory. Thus, in spite of the shared hardware platform, shielded projects from different users can be realized. As the cheapest hosting variant, shared hosting enjoys great popularity, especially among newcomers. In the following paragraphs, we are going to discuss how shared hosting works comprehensively to help you understand it better.

How does Shared Hosting Work?

The term shared hosting comes from English and literally means “shared hosting“. The term is used for classic webspace packages where all customers are assigned a place for their website on a particular web host server. Because multiple customers share the technical resources of a single server, shared hosting is one of the most affordable and cost-effective hosting variants on the market.

To illustrate, shared hosting is best compared to an apartment building. Each tenant has his own large and fully equipped living space. All apartments are located in the same building and infrastructural facilities such as the electricity supply or the elevator are used by all tenants alike. This is the same as shared hosting. Anyone who chooses an appropriate webspace package whose website is located on a particular server next to hundreds or even thousands of other websites. The infrastructure such as system resources, power supply or network connection is equally available to all websites. In addition to the cost advantage, this hosting variant offers additional amenities for customers. As with an apartment building, you as a tenant have nothing to do with the administration and maintenance of the infrastructure. The provider takes care of all the tasks involved, such as repairs, maintenance or compliance with safety standards. This service is already included by the provider in terms of monthly costs. As with apartments, Shared Webspace also offers packages in various equipment variants. Some offer more space than others or are equipped with additional features. The monthly costs for these offers are accordingly higher than for offers with the basic equipment.

Of course, higher-end Websapce packages consume more server resources. This means that if your own shared webspace package has more features, less power is available to other customers. However, this also applies in the reverse case. When other customers use more features, fewer resources are available for their own website. However, if you run smaller websites, you will not notice any difference and will be in good hands on cheap shared hosting packages. But if your own website is a larger website, such as an online shop with thousands of visitors per day, then shared webspace packages can quickly lead to problems.

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