Cross-cultural comparison of fertility specific quality of life in German, Hungarian and Jordanian couples attending a fertility center Health and Quality of Life Outcomes Full Text

Following the divorce, Patrick’s mother raised him and his siblings with the support of her extended family. Recently, jealousy and trust issues seemed to have been sparked between Arya and Patrick over “flirtatious messages,” Arya perceives that Patrick exchanged with an ex on Instagram, Facebook, and Facebook Messenger. Marriage, with all of the joys involved, is known to our MD couples therapists to be a difficult process due to the melding of two lives, two personalities, and two families.

Therefore – and also because we studied convenience samples and not random samples – we cannot clearly postulate that the differences we found between the three samples represent differences between the three countries populations. Furthermore, the Jordanian sample was quite heterogeneous, e.g., duration of treatment ranged from the beginning to long-time therapies or to large time lack between two investigations. In further investigations, sample sizes should be increased by involving more clinics in each country in order to form specific subgroups according to sociodemographic characteristics and medical diagnosis groups. Especially, novel study designs and particular recruitment strategies have to be developed to investigate the experience of infertile individuals not attending fertility clinics. This could also help to distinguish the experience of infertility from the experience of infertility treatment. The same behavior that one culture sees as frankness and honesty can be viewed by a person from another culture as rudeness and hostility.

But potential obstacles need to be clearly identified and frankly addressed before moving ahead. Ready to begin marriage counseling, couples therapy, or relationship coaching with Growing Self? Start by scheduling a free consultation meeting with the expert of your choice. We offerDenver couples therapy and Denver marriage counselingas well as online couples therapy. We are determined to continue to maintain and develop our healthy relationship as a young multicultural couple . Hence, I have gathered some of our experiences and hope to share them with lebanis girls all the young couples out there. Hopefully, these tips can be helpful in order for you to develop a healthier relationship with your loved ones.

  • Some cultures value punctuality while others take an easygoing attitude about time and scheduling.
  • Interracial marriage is when two people of different races marry.
  • When important needs are postponed, and underlying differences are not validated, appreciated, or respected they can start to erode the vitality of relationships.
  • It is very rewarding to love someone who is different from you in terms of race, culture, identity, religion, and more.

This study highlights that sociocultural differences in experiencing infertility might not be as pronounced as previously assumed in contrast to intra-cultural differences. Our aim was to carry out in a cross-sectional study, at a multinational level, a comparison of psychosocial factors in samples of infertile couples who are seeking medical help using an internationally developed infertility specific measurement. We considered not only cross-country but other possible sociodemographic and medical cultural-related variables (e.g., age, education, duration of child wish, etc.). Cross-country differences were detected in the emotional quality of life domain between Hungary, Germany and Jordan, but not in the other FertiQoL-domains. Intra-cultural psychosocial differences in experiencing infertility seem to be more important for the individual patient than intercultural differences. These findings underline the hypothesis that infertility is also socially constructed and that its meaning is shaped e.g. by gender ideology, importance of parenthood, treatment options, social policy and cultural stereotypes . The main finding of our study is that cross-cultural differences in experiencing primary and secondary infertility related quality of life are not as pronounced as expected.


This way you and your wedding vendor team are on the same page. That’s why we reached out to a number of wedding pros to find out which questions you need to ask yourselves and your team. Additionally, these experienced wedding professionals share how to come to a consensus on each. You and your spouse need to discuss how you will raise your children and help your kids to understand and appreciate their mixed identity. Sociodemographic questions focused on age, education, type of marital status, duration of relationship, and duration of child wish. Both treatment approaches in counseling centers were very effective in helping incompatible couples to improve and reduce marital problems, increasing satisfaction, especially in couples affected by infidelit. In order to help you learn from your couples and plan a more than memorable one.

Challenges Every Multicultural Couple Faces

We are not intentionally excluding or prioritizing any group or identity. If it feels like that to you then contact us and we will search and improve our resources further.

Multicultural Marriage

It’s frustrating that not everyone is treated equally in this world, but it is a reality to have to deal with. Of course, being a foreign wife in India draws attention; however, we have learned to use it as an asset instead of a liability. We try to utilize our differences to show kindness to people in unique ways rather than get irritated by the extra attention.

In order to make your relationship work, you might have to make some decisions about who you are and what aspects of your identity you want to keep. Now, let’s focus on the second thing you can start doing right now for your relationship. About 36% of Asian female newlyweds married outside of their race in 2010, compared to just 17% percent of Asian male newlyweds.

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