Choose the perfect solution for your business

Shared Hosting

JustNode is a premier Shared Hosting service provider where we are committed to achieving all the needs of your website successfully. ₹149/month.

VPS Hosting

JustNode is a premier VPS Hosting service provider where we are committed to achieving all the needs of your website successfully. ₹1300/month.

Wordpress Hosting

WordPress hosting is a dedicated type of hosting that is optimized to excel WordPress’ performance and achieve its security needs.₹99/month.


Choose the perfect service for your business

Data Migration

At JustNode, our data migration services and solutions are absolutely versatile and one of a kind in fact.
The service provides you with the ability to transfer archived emails to your most favorite platforms either on-premise or on the cloud.

Managed Firewall

Firewalls are the basic security systems that are installed purposefully for the failsafe perimeter security to guard your organization’s networks and business applications. These applications keep a tab and manage all interactions made with your data.

Cloud Backup

At JustNode,
our Cloud backup solutions are guaranteed not to fail and therefore will protect your data within our environment. In this way, you can easily reproduce your data in case the worst happens and thus can bring your business back online.

Server Cluster

To eliminate the factor of the inconvenience of single servers and the constraints it features, server clusters are the innovative tools that sport a range of benefits over single web servers.

DDoS Protection

DDoS or Distributed Denial of Service is the attacks are becoming rampant and frequent because they are ease of use and are low-priced for cybercriminals to complete successfully.

Data Security

An organization in lack of failsafe security measures or systems is susceptible to data breaches or loss that can cast an adverse effect on its standing in the market, revenue its.


Choose the perfect solution for your business

  • Web Hosting

    Hosting is what enables you to make your website visible on the colossal world of the internet. We offer quick, dependable plans for every need - from a regular weblog to a high-powered site.

    We make WordPress easy

    WordPress is today the most popular and extensively used blogging platform on the Net. Whether you are looking to get a standard weblog or a full-featured website created, we have got you covered.


    FTP (FILE TRANSFER PROTOCOL) is a standard internet protocol for dispatching files between computers on the Internet over TCP/IP connections. FTP is a client-server protocol where a client will ask for a file, and a local or remote server will provide it.
    The end-users machine is typically called the provincial host machine, which is connected via the internet to the remote host—which is the second machine running the FTP software.

    Email Accounts

    JustNode usually offers POP3 email accounts with their plans. POP stands for post office protocol. POP opens an interim connection to the server and fetches any email there before closing the connection. You can check these email accounts through a client such as Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora, Entourage or Thunderbird. JustNode also provides Web access to your account so you can check your email anywhere you have a browser and an Internet connection.

  • Life Easy Business Class Web Hosting

    Hassle-free for you.
    Faster for your target audience.

    eCommerce Store

    We include all eCommerce hosting features built-in your website. Also, the ecommerce store will have unlimited bandwidth.

    Web Designing

    We build your website easily so that you can start running it easily.
    We have everything you need to create a fine-looking, fully-featured store. Our first-class web designing team will do the same for you.

    Professional Business Email Hosting

    It will appear like a sophisticated and up-to-date business, albeit if you operate from your backyard with professional email.

  • Reseller Hosting

    When it comes to selling web hosting, no other plan is as easy and fast as the reseller hosting plan. Each reseller account comes equipped with free cPanel/WHM control panel to help users give ease of use control. Get the hosting plans through WHM and provide your clients with access to handle their web hosting plans via cPanel.

    Get Your Own Branding

    We help you configure private nameservers, for example, ns1 and The strategy will help you in making your brand one of a kind. The reseller hosting plans are also secret and this way, your clients will never learn that you are a reseller …
    unless you inform them at your end.

    Host Unlimited Websites

    You have the flexibility to create as many cPanel accounts as possible on any of the reseller hosting plans. You will have limitless bandwidth on all procedure with the exception of the lowest-cost reseller account.

    Free unlimited SSL Certificated

    We offer you the FREE SSL Certificate for your each and every client with 1-click Install.


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